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Some people believe that all humans get ill through life and that our mission is to discover and heal all that has been damaged. I tend to believe I was born ill. As far as my memory goes, I have always been characterized by having a rather loose connection with what most people accept as truth, the real world. And all these years I have believed that thinking different, walking on unusual paths - among many other things -, could be the only way to discover the sources of my healing.

My work started as a worldly extension of my dreams. I wanted that exquisite context in which dreams unfold to be, somehow, relished by the senses beyond my own imagination only. Growing up, I realized dreams flashed small centrifugal shards of my persona, the universe and all of it encompassed symbols open to personal conclusions stemming from brief events, oftentimes imperceptible to myself and the world at large. As if it almost were a cryptic game of questions and answers.

And so I assumed dreams and symbolic manifestations to be coded messages that, when translated into images, could establish themselves as obvious but never simple links straight to the anima and spirit of the beholder (and my own). I worked on my dreams as I worked on myself; trained my hand and tied it to my mind in an effort to lift off the chains of reason and sense; opposite actions that I hoped would someday teach me a way of materializing all of that which floated in rather ethereal and cosmogonic forms.

I posited that by reinterpreting those most substantial symbols from the unconscious I could actually be deciphering a new form of cosmic re-cognizing and elementary control, maybe even taking my language skills to different, exciting levels. It appeared to me, just as many other have concluded from their own experiences, that I was living when I dreamed and dreamed when I was living.

Suddenly, everything was ambitiously unnatural.

Today I am certain but of a single thing: this work I do is a vibrant reflection of one and many lives within myself, holding the power to represent a revealing reflection full of awe to those beholding it. It is a timeless threshold towards what once was, now is and possibly will be. I speak with my own version of reality and then release it to take its own course. I translate my visions, but also aim at narrating and portraying that which I am still unable to understand; in the hope that everything will fall into place one day.

Magic in Life is obvious and manifest when you exist within its Nature, its Order and Countenance. It is not to be partaken of without balance or faith: the magic of these images pulsates in potentiality just as the magic in everyday life, and it is only perceptible to those with open senses to contemplate, believe and live it.

I know not if I am being healed, but am still fine with looking at things in a different way.

Cristina Francov, 2012.

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